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WEC v FEC … What the heck?

Ever wondered what the heck WEC or FEC actually mean and why you need to include regular WEC (or FEC) testing in your routine horse health care?

Here’s a cheeky look at the worm control management ACRONYM(S) that is making its way into our everyday horse health-speak. Keep reading to find out why FECs and WECs are the answer to treating your horses right … and see how many acronyms (A.K.A initials composed of the first letters from words in a phrase) you can spot.

PS - We have spelled out all of the acronyms below😊

OMG - You know you’ve got your work cut out for you when your all-time product entails poo and intestinal worms, right? LOL!

For those of you who are new to WG, welcome!

Worm Egg Count Testing Fecal Egg count Testing Worm Kits Australia

We are an all-Australian company who have developed a convenient, purpose-made, bio-safe, collect-and-send Kit to help horse owners all over the country gather high-performing, and vital, worm control information from their horses’ faecal samples.

When we tell people we analyse horse manure samples with state-of-the-art biotechnology, most of the time, we get one of two reactions …

disgust or fascination

Some really keen-beans will grill us about the science of using manure samples to guide treatment plans with all the fervor of the FBI (which we love) but TBH, rarely am I left SMH, because really, evidence-based worm control is the only way!

A lot of people think working with faecal matter is NSFW - but YOLO - Even those of us with an average IQ know that you don’t need to be POTUS (or wait until your beloved horse is DOA) to want safe and simple worm control solutions. Positive changes are needed now … before EOD … and the truth is investigating fresh manure samples is the best way to protect our horses from the rising levels of dewormer resistance.

Exactly how to make the change that is right for your horse is TBA … But no need to call SWAT (or UPS).  

Call us, WormGuide Equine (the all-Australian OG of horse worm control) because the only way to stop fumbling in the dark, the only way to know for sure, what each of your horses need, is to turn to our easy-to-use Kit and high-performing FECs … or WECs. 

So what are FECs and WECs?

ICYMI, FEC and WEC are different names for the same thing.

(Just like cilantro and coriander, rockmelon and cantaloupe, diaper and nappy)

FEC = Faecal Egg Count

WEC = Worm Egg Count

Both refer to a method of diagnostic testing that identifies and counts worm eggs (parasite larva) in manure (or faecal) samples.

BTW you will see us switch between the two (WEC or FEC) …. and we have even been known to combine the two into what we think is an easy to understand, well rounded description … Faecal Worm Egg Count. (I guess that would be FWEC!)

What’s so important about WECs, FECs and FWECs.

Which wormer to do I use Faecal Egg Counts Kits

A reliable and accurate worm egg count is a useful indicator of your horse`s type of worm and worm egg shedding level ( number of eggs passed in manure and onto pasture) that should be used to guide ALL of your worm control decisions.

Once upon a time microscopes were used for faecal worm egg count testing. TBT, they are still used today, but FWIW, based on the feedback we get from you guys, because microscope analysis has always been

  1. error prone
  2. difficult to perform and
  3. yields somewhat impractical results

Many horse owners have failed to see the value in WECs and FECs, have failed to trust the reliability of worm egg count results, and have failed to seriously consider the benefits of worm egg count guided worm control.

TBF – it’s time to change your mind. ASAP!

WEC/FEC/FWEC methods have changed. Thanks to technology and bioscience, reliable, accurate, worry-free, truly valuable methods of counting worm eggs in your horses’ samples are available and we are leading the way with an urgent CTA.

RN old calendar style deworming, that has many of you worming your horses up to eight times a year, fails to provide proper protection from worms capable of causing serious disease and threatens the very future of worm control.

Without change, resistance caused by overworming will eventually cause all dewormers to stop working and horses will get sick.

But, what if we told you testing more and treating less actually improved levels of protection and helped to maintain the effectiveness of worming treatments for everyone?

What if we told you our DIY collection Kit is the gateway to treating your horses right, guaranteed to deliver genuine ROI?

GW? It is! Try it for yourself.

Your horses manure holds the keys to efficient, effective worm control. And we have the best resources around to help you use it. You might just find yourself ROFL with joy when you see the ongoing support we provide!

You can give your horses the best feed, sparkling stalls, clean water, attentive grooming, a safe paddock, daily exercise, healthy hooves and the company of other horses, but if you don’t use WECs or FECs to guide individualized worm control plans you are not treating your horses right.

LMK if you have any questions about the new way to worm. FWIW we are always happy to answer your FAQ’s. Just CLICK HERE.

Faecal Egg Counting Kits Australia Fecal Egg Count Kits Australia

Before you know it, you’ll be just as fascinated as us by what’s happening inside each of your horses. Go on, grab the benefits of precision FWEC guided treatment plans by the reins. I promise you won’t look back.

 WormGuide is your worm control BFF.


WEC v FEC … What the heck? Order your horses Kit NOW! 


AKA - Also known as

PS – Postscript

OMG – Oh my goodness

LOL – laugh out loud

WG - WormGuide

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

TBH – To be honest

SMH – Shaking my head

NSFW. – Not safe for work

YOLO – You only live once

IQ - Intelligence Quotient

POTUS – President of the United States

DOA – Dead on arrival

EOD – End of Day

TBA- To be advised

SWAT – Special weapons and tactics

UPS – United Parcel Service

OG. – Original Gangster

ICYMI – In case you missed it

FEC - Faecal Egg Count

WEC - Worm Egg Count

FWEC - Faecal Worm Egg Count

BTW – By the way

TBT – Truth be told

FWIW – For what it’s worth

TBF – To be frank

ASAP – As soon as possible

CTA – Call to action

RN – Right now

DIY – Do it yourself

ROI – Return on investment

GW – Guess what?

ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing

LMK – Let me know

FAQ – Frequently asked question

BFF – Best friends forever

TTYL – Talk to you later

WAM - Wait a minute

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