The WormGuide dream

The WormGuide dream has always been to create conditions where every horse owner and manager is empowered to improve their horse’s health. With generations of equine industry experience, our team knows just how important it is that every animal, everywhere receives reliable and up-to-date worm control.

Based in Queensland’s gorgeous Mooloolah Valley, Team WormGuide are a bunch of committed horse lovers with backgrounds in all the theoretical and practical stuff needed to help horse owners and managers make positive changes to their worm control approach. Combined team credentials include Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc), Master of Business (MBus), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Diagnosing Animal and Parasitic Diseases Certification.

Applying science

Many people ask us Why Eggs? Why Worms? Why Horse Poo?

- and we love this question because our why is essential: our horses’ health and wellbeing depend on it.

From a health perspective, horse poo contains valuable information. Analysing the worm eggs in your horses’ poo and using the results to guide worming decisions allows you to individualise your worm control strategies to reduce the reliance in chemical dewormers. This equals better health outcomes for our horses.

Decades of outdated worming habits have put our animals and our properties at risk and urgent change is needed. The Australian equine industry continues to battle the ever-present threat of worms that are resistant to the only worming treatments that we have to kill them.

The good news is, the Australian Society of Parasitology propose that worming strategies informed by science-based faecal worm egg count analysis can slow the development rate of resistance and protect our much-loved animals and their environments from the effects of chemical misuse.

Founder Larissa

So, our Founder Larissa, resolved to bring equine industry parasite control standards into the 21st Century by creating a convenient environmentally friendly Kit that provides everyday access to precision worm egg count testing, up-to-date science-based worm control recommendations and meaningful worm control support.

Our multipurpose Test Kit helps you make informed worm control decisions for horses of all ages when used in line with age-appropriate worm control protocols and can be used to help you build worm control programs that work.

What started out as a hunt to find the best worm control technology for our resident WormGuide devotees King, Sam, Clipsal, Taz and our miniature stable mates Charlie and Mr Moonlight, quickly turned into a heartfelt crusade to help protect horses everywhere.

The digital diagnostic technology that we use is the future of modern worm control. It counts both strongyle and ascarid eggs using fluorescence imaging biotechnology and provides photographic proof of the worm eggs (or absence of eggs) in every sample. It is more accurate and precise than outdated manual microscope egg counting methods and can be used to detect resistance and emerging resistance on your horse property. This is a real industry game-changer. 

But we didn’t stop there. We know that meaningful worm control requires more than precision results. How you use your results matters, so to help you make positive changes to your worm control approach we have produced an exclusive worm control eBook and incorporated our Kit into convenient worm control bundles.  

Our exclusive What Do My Results Mean? eBook helps WormGuiders unpack evidence-based worm control, get clarity on test results, and use easy-to-follow world-class worm control recommendations to maintain a sustainable worm control program in line with expert veterinary guidance and care.

We share your passion for happy healthy horses and we love them as much as you do.

So, saddle up! Join the movement empowering horse owners everywhere to improve their horse’s health and safeguard their future.

Informed, empowered, and connected horse owners are the key to lasting change and we are here to help you take control.

Larissa and Team WormGuide