Worming for Horses - Product Guide

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Customised worm control starts here

Use this Product Guide to give your horses the worm control attention they deserve.

Evidence-based worm control can save your horse's life.  That’s why we are empowering horse owners and managers everywhere with the reliable worm egg count data they need to build informed worm control programs that work. Our Kit is the advantage you’ve been waiting for.

Got questions about using the Worm Egg Count Mail-In Test Kit? You are in the right place.

Download our Product Guide here. 

What’s Inside …

  • Find the WormGuide tests that are right for your horse
  • Learn about the game-changing benefits of worm egg count surveillance
  • Follow easy ‘how-to’ instructions to help you make the most of your Kit
  • Find out more about WormGuide product benefits, inclusions and uses
  • Discover how easy it is to build customised worm control programs
  • Kick multiple worm control goals with your Kits

Making positive changes to your worm control approach is easy with WormGuide.  

Just Collect – Send – Receive – Apply.