A science-based worm control system that uses precision worm egg count data to keep your horses safe.

A science-based worm control system that uses precision worm egg count data to keep your horses safe.

Our goal is not to annihilate horse worms but to slow down their capability for resistance.

Our goal is not to annihilate horse worms but to slow down their capability for resistance.

We will not win the war against worm related disease by aimlessly pumping chemicals into our horses. The worms are fighting back.

Around the world horse worms are developing resistance to the medications used to kill them. Even in Australia old battle plans are weakening as dewormers fail to kill the worms. We are out of options, and we are out of time.  No new worming medications are available now or into the foreseeable future. 

Applying science

The industry’s new worm control strategy is faecal sample evidence-based worm control.

The value of worm egg count tests is measured by their ability to contribute to a sustainable future for our horses and out-dated low-cost counting methods are error-prone, imprecise, and impractical. It’s time to make a change! Worm egg count science is our best defense. We’ve got what it takes for preventive care. Just like you, we want horses to be safe, so we have developed a complete science-based worm control system that combines quality faecal sample collection methods, digital worm egg count analysis and renowned science-based parasite control recommendations to help you deworm the right way. There is no other way!

Eco-friendly sanitary sample collection kit.

Maintain integrity of your faecal samples. No more flawed sample collection.

Faecal samples hold a treasure-trove of useful data that can be used to guide your deworming decisions.  Poor samples equal poor results. Use our Kit’s zero airflow double-layer protection system to support quality sample collection. Follow simple correct-measure collection guidelines and easy to follow preservation steps.

Automated worm egg count biotechnology

Automated worm egg count biotechnology

More accurate, precise, sensitive, and ‘true’ than any other worm egg count method available. No more useless results.

The technology we use removes human error from the worm egg counting process. It is the same egg counting biotechnology used by major equine hospitals, veterinary schools, and research universities around the world and is scientifically proven to be at least 2000 times less likely to misdiagnose your sample than the aging McMaster manual counting microscope method. Use our test results to guide your deworming decisions and protect your horses and your property from the damage inflicted by worm infection and disease.

Not all egg counts are the same. There are huge variations in worm egg count accuracy and reliability. Lucky for you, we’ve got what it takes to give your horse the ultimate protection.

Exclusive Worm Control eBook

Exclusive Worm Control eBook

How you use your results matters. No more misguided control.

Bioscience tells us what to do and our What Do My Results Mean? Guide helps you do it. Includes renowned parasite control recommendations and easy to follow evidence-based worm control guidelines to help you make positive changes to your worm control approach. Find out if it’s really time to worm; see if your wormer killed the worms; give your young horse the best start to life; establish an annual worm control plan for every horse; and identify resistance or emerging horse wormer resistance on your property.

Take control with scientifically proven precision

Without reliable worm egg count information, we are just fumbling in the dark. Dr M Nielsen. 



Complete science-based worm control systemTaking meaningful steps toward a greener future for our horses and their environments.

Ready-to-go sample collection Kit includes

Priority-paid pre-addressed mailer

Zero airflow double-layer protection system protects integrity of your samples

Superior performance test - analyses 10 times more manure than the McMaster microscope; smaller sample size required

Separate quantitative eggs per gram (EPG) results for strongyles and ascarids

Fluorescence imaging proof of the worm eggs (or absence of eggs) in every sample

Digital results email for real time data sharing

Highly sensitive test and a detection limit of 4 eggs per gram (EPG)

High precision, the possibility of misdiagnosis is less than 0.003%

The only scientifically validated worm egg count test for the equine industry.

As published in The International Journal of Veterinary Parasitology (2016)Ultimate

What Do My Results Mean? Guide supports positive changes to your worm control approach

Get valuable information about the type of worm or worms present, the threat of infection, and the effectiveness of horse wormer treatments, so that a meaningful and sustainable parasite control program can be implemented alongside expert veterinary guidance and care.

Not sure where to start? Download our Product Guide for information about the WormGuide advantage that every horse deserves.