Timing is Everything when worming for horses

It’s all in the details …

Little things make big things happen

The timing of your science-based tests is so important. In fact, timing is everything!

For true and accurate WormGuide results, please stick to the timing guidelines and collection details as outlined, for each of our products. If you do not wait when advised, or do not perform your test within the time frame indicated, test results will not reflect the true purpose of your test.

WormGuide digital worm egg count tests are way more precise than run-of-the-mill, low-cost worm egg count tests. No matter what test you are using - whether you are performing an important post-treatment test, placing each horse on a worming schedule unique to them, giving your horse-baby the correctly timed worm control attention they deserve, or using the seasons to your advantage (+ more), timing is the key to meaningful worm control.

When advised, you must check wait times. To find out if your horse needs worming now, or to establish a targeted plan, previously administered deworming medications must be allowed to wash out for a reliable indication of strongyle worm egg levels in adult horses.  (See below)

Check Wait Time Guidelines

Wait time
16 weeks
12 weeks
10 weeks
Oxfendazole/ Fenbendazole
 9 weeks

 In Australia, pyrantel is also available as morantel tartrate.

 Not sure which drug you used?

Drugs are the active ingredients and are outlined on the label of your deworming product. If you can’t find the last dewormer used, a quick Google Search will help you find which of the above active ingredients are in deworming brands.