Easy 123 Collection Form Instructions


Record and Collect

Fill in the details on the faecal sample submission form and on both collection containers.

  • Using the glove collect a fresh, clean sample from the top of the manure pile (free from dirt, shavings, grass) and place in the red ziplock bag.
  • Collect one faecal ball for adult horses and two for ponies and miniatures.



Contain and Preserve

  • It is important to remove as much air as possible from the ziplock bag to preserve eggs and prevent hatching. Compress. Roll air out and snap closed. (Yes, we are asking you to roll poo!)
  • Press rolled up sample into the green container and snap shut.
  • Next, place the packed sample into the foil pouch provided, seal and refrigerate immediately. DO NOT FREEZE.

Please note - Biosecurity laws insist that the round absorbent pad MUST be included in the foil pouch when mailing.



Pack and Send

  • When ready to post, put the sealed foil pouch and faecal submission form into the pre-addressed postage paid mailer. (Make sure your foil pouch includes the absorbent pad!)
  • Drop off at your local post office, preferably on the same day of collection. To ensure the sample arrives at our lab before the weekend, we recommend sending on Monday or Tuesday.

Please dispose of glove responsibly. Remember to wash your hands.



Packaging follows Australia Post Biosecurity Guideline.

For more information please visit www.wormguide.com.au