Select the right test

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Selecting the right test

WORMGUIDE Worm Egg Count (WEC) Tests and Worm Egg Count Reduction Tests (WECRT) are the foundation of your meaningful worm care approach. Happy healthy horses rely on ongoing and properly timed horse worm egg count identification and analysis to safeguard their intestinal health and their living environment.

You already know that WORMGUIDE faecal testing outperforms traditional equine worm count analysis, but did you know that WORMGUIDE Worm Egg Count Mail-in Test Kits are a multifunctional 3 in 1 product? (#winning) Let me explain …

WORMGUIDE Worm Egg Count Mail-In Test Kits make testing your horse easy. Our convenient Kits include step-by-step instructions for collecting, packing and mailing your horses faecal sample to our lab in a pre-paid, pre-addressed mailer. Results are emailed to you in a flash just minutes after your sample is tested and will be stored in an Electronic Test Record File.

After filling in your details on the Faecal Submission Form (included in your Worm Egg Count Test Kit) you need to select the WORMGUIDE test required by ticking WEC or WECRT in the upper right-hand corner of your form.

Selecting the right test is a cinch. If you are stuck use the information here to guide your selection. I promise the more you do it, the easier it gets. Make test, treat, monitor your new worm care manta.

Which Box Do I Tick?

WORMGUIDE Worm Egg Count Mail-in Test Kits can be used for the testing needs of all horses - young and mature - in line with the parasite control approach recommended for each age group.                                                       

Worm Egg Count (WEC)

This WORMGUIDE service is used for young and mature horses to:

  • Identify the type of worm present in your young or adult horse (ascarid, strongyle OR BOTH)
  • Identify the egg shedding level of your adult horse
  • Identify the high egg shedding horses contaminating your pasture
  • Collect comprehensive new-arrival worm data for your new or agisted horses

* this is the test to use at weaning age to determine whether worm burdens are primarily strongyles or ascarids so that you can treat accordingly.




Worm Egg Count Reduction Test (WECRT)

We call this WORMGUIDE test The Game-Changer. WECRTs are the follow-up appointment you CAN NOT afford to miss and should be used 10-14 days after deworming your young and mature horse to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the dewormer you are using
  • Prevent introduction of dewormer resistant strongyle or ascarid worms on your pasture

This test helps you to use deworming pharmaceuticals to their full and intended potential. As the name suggests Worm Egg Count Reduction Tests are used to identify a reduction in your horse’s worm egg count. If there is no reduction in the presence of eggs in your horse’s faeces, 10 – 14 days after treatment, then you must ask WHY? Did I use the wrong medication? Did I give the incorrect dose? Is my horse wormer out of date? (Or, in the words of one of our wonderful clients, Did I actually worm my horse, or did I just dream that I did?)

WEC and WECRT testing helps your responsible treatment approach that in turn will improve our horses’ health and make sure important medications remain effective when our horses need them most.


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Property Care Services

A must for your stud farm, training facility, agistment property, stables and smallholding.

WORMGUIDE digital testing technology supports the worm care needs of your entire herd. While our WORMGUIDE Worm Egg Count Mail-In Test Kits are suitable for one horse our Property Care Services, provide herd reporting for a minimum of six horses and are a must for your farm, training facility, agistment property and stables.

Our Elite On-Site Service provides egg count testing for horse operations with immediate photographic results, for a minimum of fifty horses. Why not have a test-a-thon and join forces with a neighbour to take advantage of our Elite on-site service. Equine parasitologists say that regional profiles = one big paddock after-all so the more the merrier!  Read more about our Elite On-site Service HERE (please link to shop page)

About WORMGUIDE Property Services

  • WORMGUIDE property testing allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of dewormers on the total worm population on your property by generating a percentage of the number of total eggs reduced in your herd. All horses on a property share the same population of parasites and each horse in a herd is a biological sample of the same horse worm population. Worm resistance is found on a property level, not an individual horse level. The worm population on your property includes the worms in your horses, in their manure, and on the grass.
  • Egg Reappearance Period (ERP) testing allows us to monitor the egg reappearance period (ERP) for strongyle worms on your property. It has no relevance once resistance has been detected because eggs first need to disappear before they can reappear. It is the Early Warning Sign that every property needs given the alarming status concerning strongyle worm resistance against ivermectin and moxidectin.  Monitoring ERP over time is very valuable because it allows us to get ahead of the game. A shortening of the ERP is a precursor to the development of resistance, so we check for evidence of egg reappearance recovery at 4-6 weeks after ivermectin or moxidectin treatment. If we see eggs, we can suspect something is going on with the worm population on your property.

It is recommended that these tests be performed every 2 – 3 years unless otherwise recommended by your veterinarian.  WORMGUIDE is an information-only responsible deworming service. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions regarding your horse`s results, condition, and worm control program decisions. (please link disclaimer page)

Get in touch to take advantage of our Cutting-Edge Property Care Service. (

Did You Know WORMGUIDE also have special Baby Care Packages for Your Foals? Find out more HERE (please link to shop page)

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