The What Do My Results Mean? Guide (Digital eBook)

WormGuide Equine

Our one-of-a-kind worm control guide shows you just how easy it is to worm your horses the right way.


  • Understand the connection between worm egg count evidence and best-practice worm control
  • Find out what it means to customise your worm control efforts
  • Take a closer look at the very real threat of dewormer resistance
  • Discover why following AAEP Internal Parasite Control Recommendations is the only way to protect your horse
  • Unpack evidence-based worm control strategies to strengthen your defense against life-threatening worms
  • Use your WormGuide test results to build worm control programs that work


How you worm your horse matters. Get the best of the best - quality worm egg count science and the ultimate Worm Control Guide - to give your horses the protection they deserve.

Product details

Features The What Do My Results Mean? Guide Advantage
  • 35 page full-colour worm control Guide
  • Slow the development rate of dewormer resistance
  • Build worm control programs that mean something
  • Follow easy to use evidence-based worm control steps
  • Avoid misguided deworming expense
  • Establish a customised program for every horse
  • Minimise the risk of worm infection associated disease
  • Be confident that your worm control programs are working
Guide inclusions What’s Inside

Take control with your ultimate worm control guide

  • Get an up-close look at the parasites living in your horse
  • Discover latest worm control treatment recommendations
  • Unpack evidence-based worm control strategies
  • Use separate ascarid and strongyle readings
  • Find out how to use the seasons to your advantage
  • Use test results for customised worm control
  • Get up-to-date science-based support
  • Read important information about dewormer resistance
  • + more
How to use your Guide Instructions

The What Do My Results Mean? Guide helps you apply test results to tailor worm control measures to suit your horse’s needs and make positive changes to your worm control approach.

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