How to choose the right horse wormer for your horse

How to choose the right horse wormer for your horse

WormGuide-Equine-worming-for-horses-horse-worms.jpgIf attempting to choose the right worming product for your horse generally ends up with you grabbing one - one that you didn`t use last time, just taking a wild guess or buying the cheapest, it's time for a faecal egg count test. Choosing the right worming product for your horse involves a little more effort. 

Here, we share how to choose the right wormer - that is if your horse does need deworming, what to watch out for, and how to select a worming product carefully.

How to choose the right horse wormer?

A proper faecal egg count test can tell you which worm or worms your horse has so you can go to the shop and choose the most appropriate wormer.

What should you do if your horse has strongyle worms or ascarid worms or both?

Your horse`s faecal egg count test result will arrive in your inbox along with WormGuide`s exclusive What do my Results Mean? Guide to help you interpret the result and if your horse needs it, guidance to select the most appropriate horse wormer. We’ve got your covered!

Why are faecal egg counts good for your horse?

There really is no safe dewormers we can use that will effectively treat all the different types worms anymore. There is so much horse wormer resistance you must do this because there`s a very high chance your horse is harbouring resistant worms to one, two or all three of the deworming drugs on the market.

What should I look out for in a wormer for horses?

The truth – did it work? The only way to find out if the wormer worked is to test again 10-14 days later and see if there are eggs in your horse’s poo. If eggs are still present - something is wrong. Your horse could have resistant worms because the wormer couldn`t kill them– and could be a red stop sign alert – don`t choose that wormer again.

Ensuring your horse gets the dewormer that works is incredibly important to keep them happy and healthy. Each worming product at a shop might work or might not work against the types of worms in your horse, so here at WormGuide, we help you find out the truth.

Because if you don’t select the horse wormer carefully, you can get it wrong. That either accelerates the resistance process or leaves your horse unprotected, or both.

And the testing we perform on your horse’s faecal sample uses the most precise technique anywhere.


Discover first hand the benefits of our user-friendly, sanitary, zero airflow appropriate faecal egg count collection Kit – order a faecal egg count today and say hello to the WormGuide way!


Egg counts are here to stay. They do good so you do good for your horses.

Are you ready to treat your horse right?


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